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We explore various recipes from across Africa and bring them together in our menu. We are a team of expert chefs serving you the best African Cuisine, cocktails and mocktails in town.

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Tasty African Cuisine

Our meals consist of Starchy foods like yam, cassava, plantains, Jollof rice, and beans figure prominently in the West Africa diet. They’re often consumed with a wide array of flavored soups and stews which are spicy, aromatic made with different types of meat and vegetables.

Fine wine collection

Lacasa’s special wine day creates a new wine-drinking experience for yourself and your friends, as you uncork your favorite bottle of wine. Fine wine does not have to be expensive to be good; simply enjoy it while listening to good music or watching a movie.



Pounded Yam/ Fufu/ Amala/ Jollof Rice/ Sadza

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